• 05 Feb 2020
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Why enable Duo MFA?

The CultureAI platform contains employee data, and as such access to this data must be carefully protected. Enabling multi-factor authentication provides an additional layer of protection that prevents unauthorised access to the CultureAI platform in the event of one of your users’ login credentials being compromised. If your organisation uses Duo MFA, you can integrate this with the CultureAI platform easily to ensure your administrative users are required to use it to access the platform.

Configuring Duo MFA

1. Log into CultureAI and navigate to security settings

Log into CultureAI at: https://platform.culture.ai

Then, navigate to: Configure Programme > Your Organisation > Security Settings

2. Turn on MFA

Click the grey toggle button next to ‘Require Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) for stakeholders’.

This will load the MFA setup wizard:

3. Select 'Duo' then 'Next'

Select Duo from the drop-down in the 'Choose MFA' section and click 'Next'.

4. Open a new tab, log into Duo

In a new tab, log in to your Duo admin platform: https://admin.duosecurity.com/login

5. Navigate to 'Applications' > 'Protect an Application'

In the left-hand navigation menu in Duo, click ‘Applications’ then select ‘Protect an Application’:

6. Find 'Web SDK' and click 'Protect this Application' 

In the applications list, find ‘Web SDK’ and then click ‘Protect this application’.

7. Set the name to 'CultureAI' & save

In the settings section set the name to ‘CultureAI’. Click ‘Save’.

8. Copy the Integration Key, Secret Key and API hostname from Duo into the CultureAI platform

In the ‘Details’ section of the application page in Duo, find your integration key, secret key and API hostname for the application you just created.

Copy these details into the form in the wizard on the CultureAI platform.

Click 'Save Changes'

Duo is now configured! All stakeholders will now need to use Duo when logging into the platform.

Testing Duo MFA

1. Log out of the CultureAI platform

Log out of the CultureAI platform by clicking on the profile icon in the bottom left, then clicking 'Log out'

2. Log back into the platform using your normal credentials

Log into CultureAI at https://platform.culture.ai using your normal login credentials.

3. Choose a Duo authentication method

Choose your authentication method, ideally ‘Send Me a Push’.

4. Accept the auth request on your mobile device

Accept the Duo authentication notification on your mobile device. You'll see a 'success' notification briefly.

Before being successfully logged into the security culture management system.

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